Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Crate Rest

Boris Crate Rest Week 8Crate rest is over as of yesterday. I took Boris to his neurologist for his final follow-up this morning and he’s been cleared for freedom! I’m thrilled. There will be no roughhousing (with other dogs) for awhile as we ease back into daily activity. We bought a small ramp for the couch. He’s on supplements and dehydrated raw meat kibble. He will get prophylactic cold laser therapy on a monthly (instead of weekly) basis. We will take one day at a time and be thankful for our health.

It feels like this crazy situation began an eternity ago. I’m so grateful it’s behind us. I know he can have another episode unpredictably but I’m going to cherish taking my ten month old puppy on walks again.

Please print out or e-mail the information about IVDD symptoms for yourself or a friend that owns a dog. Very few people know about this disease and information is power. You could save the life of a dog by sharing this with others.

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  1. I can go to sleep happy. You should be proud of yourselves for the dedication and hard work you put into his recovery, in addition to the emotional and financial investment. Clearly the little nugget is worth everything you had to give, but take a moment to acknowledge what truly caring people you are. Rare finds these days. Hug you pup and feel all his love. You also really did a wonderful job of educating others on the disease. Hug Boris for me :)

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