Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 7 of Crate Rest

sweet feet

Boris has his last cold laser therapy session tomorrow and his follow-up with the neurologist a week from tomorrow. As of tonight, we have one more week of crate rest. This has been the longest eight weeks ever. To think that we have been limiting his activity since before Thanksgiving makes my heart sink. A week from today, we begin to ease him out of crate rest with short walks and build back up to having him roam around freely when we’re home. It’s a marathon and not a sprint since he’s been inactive and lost some muscle mass.

As IVDD is congenital, I have a lot of anxiety around if and when he will have another episode. I want him to have the best life ever. I’m trying to stay positive. Anything can happen, as I was reminded after managing to concuss myself underneath an iron stairwell on Friday night. But good things can happen too, no matter what. Cherish the moment!

Please print out or e-mail the information about IVDD symptoms for yourself or a friend that owns a dog. Very few people know about this disease and information is power. You could save the life of a dog by sharing this with others.

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2 thoughts on “Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 7 of Crate Rest

  1. Omg I just read this and saw that you hurt yourself!! Are you ok?? How’s your head?Boy, you and Boris are both having a rough time of it. Hope the little guy had a good check up today. Had my fingers crossed all day.

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