Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 6 of Crate Rest

Boris week 6

Boris is doing great. Cold laser therapy has been incredibly helpful and it’s a relief that he enjoys the treatment. Today he almost went to sleep during his second session on the spine, after he insisted that the vet laser his tummy too (obviously the vet didn’t, but it was cute. Boris was like, “I’m well done on this side, now do my tummy!”).

Boris’ diagnosis of IVDD has been such a heartache and challenge but I’m very grateful he’s improving on schedule. He has a fifty percent chance of having another (or multiple) episodes in his lifetime.

Although we all may be able to point to some activity (jump or rough housing) that we believe may have caused our dog’s disc problem, the truth is that Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a disease our dogs were born with, and what happened is that a diseased disc had just gotten to the point that it was damaged enough for normal life to cause it to bulge or rupture out onto the spinal cord. – K9BackPack

All we can do is stay positive and take each day at a time. I’m very lucky to have found some golden-hearted friends through this ordeal– I’m looking at you, Maureen! Your support has meant the world to me. Two more weeks. FREE BORIS!

Please print out or e-mail the information about IVDD symptoms for yourself or a friend that owns a dog. Very few people know about this disease and information is power. You could save the life of a dog by sharing this with others.

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2 thoughts on “Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 6 of Crate Rest

  1. Woop woop 2 more wks to go , hang in there Boris 🐶🐾 , these little fur babies are such a speaical breed , I would be lost with out my boy it can get very frustrating and heart bracking to see them like that , my mini ollie has been living with IVDD for about 10 months now , we have tried different things ,he has movement and feeling now but can’t walk and only stand for 30 seconds , not sure what to do next as the op is just so expensive with only a 50 50 chance of him doing it again , am very happy for Boris I wish him all the very best ❤️💚

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