Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 5 of Crate Rest

cold laser therapy IVDDHappy new year, friends. We picked up our weenie from medical boarding on Sunday to find that he had been improving with every day that we were gone.

Boris had cold laser therapy this week and he loved it. The sensation for him is warm and after some skeptical eye contact with me and Drew, he sat and basked for the entire half hour treatment. As it stimulates the muscles and promotes tissue healing, he slept like a log for the entire day. I heard him sleep talking for the better part of the afternoon. He has two more sessions this month.

This morning he offered up his belly for a rub, spread eagle with his back legs in true dachshund fashion. We hadn’t seen him look so comfortable since before Thanksgiving. Three more weeks!

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5 thoughts on “Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 5 of Crate Rest

  1. Glad to hear he’s doing so well with the treatments and crate rest!! I’m going to look into this cold laser treatment and see if they offer in Oklahoma City. Our Izzy is 4 years old, and she had herniated disc surgery twice in 2012 – September and December. We thought she was doing so good, but she had a recent episode over Christmas this year. We think we will go ahead with Laser Disc Ablation this month. But, I like knowing my options! (Izzy’s back left leg never fully recovered… So, I would love to try something new in. Hopes that it would help that back leg!)

  2. Hi Clare. How’s the little guy doing? Can’t help but think of him and you guys at least once Z day. Still sending you the good thoughts!

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