Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 4 of Crate Rest

We are halfway there, friends of Boris!

As I write this, the sweenie (sweet weenie) is being medically boarded back at home in Colorado. He’s under the watchful eye of veterinarian staff 24/7. Before the diagnosis, we had planned to bring him to Michigan to meet his grandparents. It’s far better for him to be resting and stationary and with weather in the negative double digits here, I’m glad we made this call.

Four. More. Weeks. Bring it home! Boris gets his first cold laser therapy next week. It reduces inflammation and promotes healing tissue. I adore the vet we’re seeing for it (have done acupuncture with him already) and he even does home visits for the same price so Boris Dog can get treated on his own turf.

On a doggy-related note, if any of my Boulder or Denver friends are interested in giving a young Bichon Frise a forever home, do let me know. She’s a year old, spayed and her owner can no longer care for her full time. I’d take her in a heartbeat but Boris’ vet bills have traumatized Drew into being an (adamant) single dog household.

Hold your loved ones (four-legged included) close. Merry Christmas, loves.

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4 thoughts on “Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 4 of Crate Rest

  1. Sounds like things are progressing well, your vet sounds like an angel. Hope your holidays are happy. The best present will be Boris healthy and crate free. He has lots of people pulling for him and good karma is the best medicine. :)

  2. Awww…poor little one…but looks like he is on the mend. I was laughing at the sweet weenie thing. Our dog is named Bean, so he goes by Beanie weenie…lol.

    Hope you guys have had a great holiday, nonetheless. :)


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