Twitter Favorites: A Self Esteem Story

I’ve been on Twitter since October 9, 2008. Holy crap, ya’ll. Twitter began as a time killer on public transportation to and from my job at the university every morning and afternoon. My stream chronicled the troubling characters that inevitably sat next to me after huffing paint all morning and the one time I found a twisty tie in my veggie chile at the union building on campus. It quickly evolved into a valuable resource to keep in touch with friends near and far and find the most pertinent news to my limited and social grey matter. Ultimately, it helped me meet the majority of the warm, generous people who comprise the incestual (I kid) and loving Boulder tech scene. It still serves in this way for me.

That’s just a brief history. Tonight I want to talk specifically about Twitter favorites. One of the founders of Next Big Sound, David Hoffman, tweeted recently, “If you’re not favoriting your own tweets, you don’t love yourself.” I  agree with that notion wholeheartedly and take it a step farther. Since late in 2010, my favorited tweets have become an assortment of direct compliments, warm fuzzies, and things that literally make LOL.

Now when I’m having a bad day or suffering from one of my notorious and debilitating bouts of low self esteem (I have a flair for the dramatic, it looks a lot like this), all it takes is a few clicks to navigate to that page and remember that a lot of smart, wonderful people believe really nice things about me. Who am I to say these things aren’t true?

3 thoughts on “Twitter Favorites: A Self Esteem Story

  1. It’s amazing what Twitter’s become, isn’t it? Your journey with it sounds a lot like mine (minus the shady bus characters)–time waster turned way to actually connect with people. (Which is kind of the opposite of my history with Facebook, I started out taking it so seriously thinking it would help me stay in touch with far away friends, and instead it’s become more of a shallow amusement.) This probably says more about me than either site, tho ;-).

  2. Wow, you got a four year start ahead of me on Twitter! I only joined about ten months ago and I’m just getting to grips with it now, but I always favourite nice tweets I get from people – it helps map your journey and I feel like all these little things add up to be a huge part of your path forward :)

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