Wedding Talk: Something Old

wedding hankyDrew’s parents visited last week and my mother-in-law-to-be brought the sweetest gift. When she was pregnant with Drew in 1985, not knowing if he would be a boy or girl, her co-worker at the clinic (she was a dental hygienist) gave her a neatly wrapped box with a hand-sewn bonnet inside. The card enclosed read:

I’m just a tiny hanky, as square as square can be
but with a stitch or two they make a bonnet out of me
I’ll be worn home from the hospital or on the Christmas day
then I’ll be carefully pressed and neatly tucked away
Then on the wedding day, so we have all been told
every well-dressed bride must have something that is old
And what would be more fitting than to find little old me
a few stitches snipped and a wedding hanky I’ll be
And if per chance it is a boy and someday he will wed,
to his bride he can present the hanky, once worn on his head.

This box had been tucked away in their Michigan attic and she brought this incredibly thoughtful gift with her to Colorado to give to us, even including a 2014 penny to tuck in my shoe on the day we say our vows. What a wonderful present.

Who’s cutting all these onions in here?

Drew from Across the Table: Installment Two

Drew across the table 2

Clockwise from top photo:

1.  Sapori Trattoria in Chicago, Illinois
My BFF Whit and her hubs Brian recommended this place up and down last fall as it’s nestled in their old neighborhood in Lincoln Park. Even with their glowing praise, our meal and the service here over-delivered. We dined with our good friend Brian, who calls the Windy City home and will be marrying us in October.

2. Maggiano’s in Denver, Colorado
Okay, so this is actually tiramisu and pumpkin cheesecake from across the table, not Drew. We found ourselves here on Thanksgiving night when Boris’ first IVDD episode kept us in the Front Range. I know it’s a chain. I do not care. It was delicious.

3. Denver Bicycle Cafe in, yeah…Denver, Colorado
Espresso sipping, post-brunch. I can’t wait to take my coffee/bike nerd of a father here next time he visits. He will love it.

4. Laughing Latte in Denver, Colorado
I like to catch him art gazing at the different coffeehouses we frequent.

Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Crate Rest

Boris Crate Rest Week 8Crate rest is over as of yesterday. I took Boris to his neurologist for his final follow-up this morning and he’s been cleared for freedom! I’m thrilled. There will be no roughhousing (with other dogs) for awhile as we ease back into daily activity. We bought a small ramp for the couch. He’s on supplements and dehydrated raw meat kibble. He will get prophylactic cold laser therapy on a monthly (instead of weekly) basis. We will take one day at a time and be thankful for our health.

It feels like this crazy situation began an eternity ago. I’m so grateful it’s behind us. I know he can have another episode unpredictably but I’m going to cherish taking my ten month old puppy on walks again.

Please print out or e-mail the information about IVDD symptoms for yourself or a friend that owns a dog. Very few people know about this disease and information is power. You could save the life of a dog by sharing this with others.

Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 7 of Crate Rest

sweet feet

Boris has his last cold laser therapy session tomorrow and his follow-up with the neurologist a week from tomorrow. As of tonight, we have one more week of crate rest. This has been the longest eight weeks ever. To think that we have been limiting his activity since before Thanksgiving makes my heart sink. A week from today, we begin to ease him out of crate rest with short walks and build back up to having him roam around freely when we’re home. It’s a marathon and not a sprint since he’s been inactive and lost some muscle mass.

As IVDD is congenital, I have a lot of anxiety around if and when he will have another episode. I want him to have the best life ever. I’m trying to stay positive. Anything can happen, as I was reminded after managing to concuss myself underneath an iron stairwell on Friday night. But good things can happen too, no matter what. Cherish the moment!

Please print out or e-mail the information about IVDD symptoms for yourself or a friend that owns a dog. Very few people know about this disease and information is power. You could save the life of a dog by sharing this with others.

Boris IVDD Recovery: End of Week 6 of Crate Rest

Boris week 6

Boris is doing great. Cold laser therapy has been incredibly helpful and it’s a relief that he enjoys the treatment. Today he almost went to sleep during his second session on the spine, after he insisted that the vet laser his tummy too (obviously the vet didn’t, but it was cute. Boris was like, “I’m well done on this side, now do my tummy!”).

Boris’ diagnosis of IVDD has been such a heartache and challenge but I’m very grateful he’s improving on schedule. He has a fifty percent chance of having another (or multiple) episodes in his lifetime.

Although we all may be able to point to some activity (jump or rough housing) that we believe may have caused our dog’s disc problem, the truth is that Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a disease our dogs were born with, and what happened is that a diseased disc had just gotten to the point that it was damaged enough for normal life to cause it to bulge or rupture out onto the spinal cord. – K9BackPack

All we can do is stay positive and take each day at a time. I’m very lucky to have found some golden-hearted friends through this ordeal– I’m looking at you, Maureen! Your support has meant the world to me. Two more weeks. FREE BORIS!

Please print out or e-mail the information about IVDD symptoms for yourself or a friend that owns a dog. Very few people know about this disease and information is power. You could save the life of a dog by sharing this with others.

Book Binge: December 2013


The Signature of All Things (fiction)
Stars: 5/5
The best book all year.

Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte (non-fiction)
Stars: 2/5
Wanted to like this. Didn’t.

The Art of Possibility by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander (non-fiction)
Stars: 4/5
Reposition your brain to achieve.

I won’t be doing the Book Binge series in 2014. I started keeping myself accountable at the beginning of last year with five word book reviews because I wanted to be reading more voraciously. While I didn’t meet my goal (75 books), I certainly got close. Mission accomplished: 2013 is the year I have read the most books in my young life. Onward and upward, fellow bookworms! You can still spy on my nightstand over at Goodreads if you’d like.

Recovery Rocks Interview with Veronica Valli

When sobriety blogger and author Veronica Valli asked me if I’d be willing to participate in one of her Recovery Rocks interviews, I was honored. The ongoing Recovery Rocks feature is an interview series with folks in recovery from their drug and alcohol addictions detailing why it’s worth the work, even when it feels impossible.

Pop on over to the post by clicking the screenshot below. Later this month on the blog I’ll be reviewing her book, Why You Drink and How to Stop: Journey to Freedom. Thanks, Veronica!

Veronica Valli site